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Guest Post - My Top 10 ELF Products (Picture Heavy)

Hello beauties! Today I'm doing a guest blog for Natalie Roseanne. My name is Jessie and my blog is La Jolie Folie

I am a huge fan of ELF. I recognize that with this brand, there are hits and misses, but I think as long as you are informed about the products (by reading reviews, seeing swatches) before buying, you're bound to pleased with the quality you get for what little you pay. I want to share with you items that I have been very pleased with from this brand. I limited it to 10 simply so you didn't have to read a long post. There are more products that I do enjoy and would recommend beyond these 10.

These are listed in no order of preference whatsoever.

1. Mineral eyeshadow
The colors I have pictured are L-R: Celebrity, Wild, Socialite, Seductive, Royal, Caffeinated, Sassy, and Natural

 These are super pigmented, gorgeous, easy to blend, and just so much fun to wear. As they are loose, fallout is inevitable, but I think these shadows are great if you like loose mineral eyeshadows, and such a great price! ($3 in the US). There's a wide variety of colors and finishes. 

2. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
I have never used UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. This was the first primer I ever used and it revolutionized the way I used makeup. I have no desire to try any other primer. This does the job for me for a fraction of the price. 

 I can be lazy and not take off my makeup before going to bed, wake up and my eyeshadow is still perfect, all thanks to this primer. 

If you haven't tried this, I recommend you do! It's so inexpensive, yet so effective.

3. Studio Cream Eyeliner
Colors pictured L-R: Black, Plum Purple, Coffee

 This is the first cream/gel eyeliner I ever used and I am pleased. I must caution that some may dry out faster than others. I've completely gone through one pot of this product in the color Midnight (my local Target was out of black) and it did me well. This black I have now is a little dry. I am very please with Coffee. It has resisted drying. 

I have not tried these on the waterline. I'm not concerned with my waterline. I just like winged out liner and this does it for me. If you're on a budget, check these out.

4. Essentials Liquid Eyeliner

This has to be one of my favorite products of all time. I like a bold winged line on my upper lash line. This does it for me. It's not perfect. What do you expect for $1? I would say this exceeds my expectations. It is darker than my Lorac liquid liner. Its applicator isn't terrible. 

This is just a basic liquid liner. It gives me what I want without complaints. For $1, I will keep repurchasing it. 

5. Essentials Eyeshadow Quads

Colors pictured here L-R: Drama, Butternut, Day 2 Night, Brownstone

I have several other colors, but these are my four favorite. 

You may ask, "How good could $1 eyeshadow be?" And I would say extremely good! These colors are so pigmented and so easy to blend. I get compliments every single time I wear a look using these quads - NO exaggeration! Of course there's fallout and of course they're powdery, but I think considering the price tag, these considerably exceed my expectations. 

(You can view my full review of these here)

6. Studio Blush

Colors pictured here: Candid Coral and Pink Passion

You may have already heard people rave about these blushes. That's because they truly are that amazing. They are extremely pigmented, smooth, easily blended, and just super gorgeous. May I remind you that they are only $3? 

I adore these. Please, if you've never tried them, try them! Please?

7. Studio Contouring Blush/Bronzer Duo

I was hesitant to try this for a very long time, simply because I had heard that the bronzer was a little dark for fair-skinned girls like me. Although it is a little dark, it looks fine blended out with a kabuki. I prefer to use this over other bronzers to contour. The blush is more sheer, but still a gorgeous coral shade.

If you're a contouring junkie, I definitely recommend this! Especially for only $3!

8. Studio HD Powder

This is a white silica powder that will smooth out your complexion as a finishing touch. It has been compared to MUFE HD Powder. As I have never used the MUFE version, I cannot say, BUT I would say after trying this, I would never spend $30 on the MUFE version. 

This makes my skin look perfect. I get compliments on my skin when I wear it. Why not invest in this?

9. Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15

Colors pictured top to bottom: Honey Do, Pink Kiss, Pink Pop, Goddess

You may ask, "How good could a $1 lipgloss be?". Once again, I would respond extremely good! These are opaque and very pigmented. They smell lovely - like the grape flavored floss I used as a kid. These glosses do run on the thicker side, but that just means that they're much longer lasting! I think as long as you don't goop it on your lips, it isn't sticky. 

I really like these. Try them. You're only out $1.

10. Studio Complexion Perfection Powder

(Photo courtesy of

I just ran out of this powder, which would explain why I didn't have it to photograph. It's amazing. It evens out the skin tone. If you mix all the colors together, it will just unify the tone of your skin. It never caked with me. It lasted for a long time, making my skin look great.

This is one of the best powders I've ever used!

Thank you for reading my ramblings about my favorite ELF products. I hope this helped you choose the next ones you want to buy, or just give you a better frame of mind about what this brand has to offer. 

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I would love to thank Jessie for writing an amazing guest post for me! I don't own any ELF products, so when she suggested this as an idea I thought it would be perfect for my readers! I know a lot of you have access to all of these products so now you have an idea of how they are. I'm now wanting to try Studio Complexion Perfection Powder, and will be looking into getting it!
Be sure to go check out her blog, La Jolie Folie!

Thank you all for reading, and if you're interested in writing a guest post for me be sure to email me at :), I look forward to hearing from you!


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